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Lange Eye Care invests in retina care

Dr Michael Lange, Lange Eye Care Gainesville offers huge sale on glasses with this site only!

Lange Eye Care Gainesville Back to school Bash.

Lange Eye Care Gainesville Back to school Bash.

Dr Michael Lange opened Lange Eye Care Gainesville in 1994 and it has grown to one of the busiest eye care centers in the state.  When people think eye care Gainesville, they think Lange Eye Care.  Offering great customer service, incredible eye care and some great deals has made Lange Eye Care Gainesville so popular in the Gator Nation.   Dr Michael Lange has recently hired Gerald Williams as the new General Manager for Lange Eye Care Gainesville.  To kick off Gerald’s  new position we are offering an incredible deal to the readers of this blog!!   Buy one complete pair of glasses and get 20% off the first pair and 50% off the second pr for a limited time only. This will expire at the end of 2014. This discount will help many get a new pr and a second pr of computer glasses of sunglasses for a huge savings. Please print this page to bring in as proof of the sale. learn more at or call 352 376 6622 for an appointment

this sale does not apply to any insurance only to cash sales. also with this add you have 48 hrs after the purchase if you change your mind to return for a full credit of and products purchased on the sale.


Lange Eye Care Gainesville brings in new technology.

Lange Eye Care Gainesville has all the technology for detecting retina disease in the early stages.


Lange Eye Care Gainesville has just invested in all new technology inside their clinic in Gainesville. Lange Eye Care Gainesville now has the all new Daytona Optomap to give a detailed view of the entire retina along with auto fluorescence technology to detect lipofucin build up in the retina. Lange Eye Care Gainesville also has OCT cross-sectional imaging of the retina and digital high-resolution retinal photography. Gainesville Lange Eye Care has the latest in corneal measurements with orbscans and wavefront abberometry. If you are looking for the latest in eye care then come see the doctors at Lange Eye Care Gainesville. We are located next door to Target on Archer Road. Open six days a week and take walkins and emergencies same day. or call 352 376 6622.

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John Livecchi MD Joins Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida.

John LiVecchi MD

If you are looking for one of the top Oculoplastic surgeons in the country come to The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida.

Dr. John T. LiVecchi, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.S.E.E.
Assistant Clinical Professor,
Drexel University College of Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor,
University of Central Florida College of Medicine
Vice Chairman,
Fmr. Director of Oculoplastics, St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser

Dr. LiVecchi, a Board Certified Opthalmologist and fellowship
trained Oculoplastic Surgeon. He has been rated as one of the top Oculoplastic surgeons in the country for the last 11 years.
Dr. LiVecchi, Director of Oculoplastics at The Lange Eye Institute
in The Villages, Florida,

one of the most experienced oculoplastic surgeons in
the country, has done over 25,000 lid procedures.
Call our Villages Lange Eye Institute
at 352-753-4014 to schedule an appointment.
Dr. LiVecchi specializes in:
*Eyelid & Facial Cosmetic Surgery, including upper and lower eyelid
*Threads “No-Stitch”…

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Eye vitamins with no zinc and vitamins with no zinc viewpoint by Michael Lange OD

Eye Vitamins

Eye vitamins with no zinc and vitamins with no zinc are becoming more readily available  since many large studies now indicate that a percentage of the population may be harmed by high dosages of zinc states Michael Lange OD, CNS .  Dr. Michael Lange is the founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates a large private practice consisting of nine eye care centers in Florida.  Lange Eye Care has the very latest in medical, surgical, optical and nutritional eye care . Michael Lange OD states that Lange Eye Care is one of the largest nutritional eye care centers in the country and this is what really sets us apart from the other optometrists and ophthalmologists.   Patients want to see doctors that will discuss what foods to eat and which ones to avoid , what vitamins to take and what vitamins to avoid states Dr Lange.  Michael Lange OD is…

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Lange Eye Care Gainesville now offers the latest in prevention for macular degeneration.

Digital retinal photography, auto flourecense and floreceine angiography from one unit.

Digital retinal photography, auto flourecense and floreceine angiography from one unit.

Lange Eye Care Gainesville is the first eye care center in Gainesville to offer the very latest in prevention for the macular degeneration patient.  Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and certified nutrition specialist has been working  on fine tuning his protocol for macular degeneration patients for 20 years.  If you have macular degeneration and come to Lange Eye Care Gainesville you will be first greeted by a staff that has true compassion for what you are going through. You will not be treated like another number in a waiting room. The Lange Eye Care Gainesville office has state of the art retinal imaging systems and OCT systems that allows the doctors to look very carefully at your internal ocular structures and see how the retina is being affected by macular degeneration. Lange Eye Care is also the only eye care provider in the area that has Pattern Electro Retinogram capability ( PERG).  A subjective  perimeter type analysis will be done in combination with the PERG  to determine the macular functioning ability.  At the first visit a special genetic DNA test may be done by taking some cells from the inside of your cheek to help determine your potential future.  The genetic test will also enable the doctor to more effectively discuss proper nutrition protocol  customized for each patients based on the genetic test and other possible blood tests done at Lange Eye Care Gainesville. After all the data is gathered your Gainesville Lange Eye Care doctor will discuss which Fortifeye Vitamins product is best for you and what dietary changes will need to be made to help your macular degeneration.  Blue blocking filters  will also be discussed for in door and out-door glasses to stop the potential damage from indoor and outdoor blue light. If you have macular degeneration and you live in Gainesville Florida come to Lange Eye Care Gainesville for the highest quality care possible.  Call 352 376 6628.  learn more about Fortifeye Vitamins at , Dr. Lange at

Blutech lens is recommended by Michael Lange Optometrist , nutrition specialist and syndicated talk show host for macular degeneration

Wet Macular degeneration with macular edema.

Wet Macular degeneration with macular edema.

Dr. Michael Lange optometrist and nutrition specialist states that macular degeneration is largely due to genetics however he believes doctors can slow down the degenerative effects with proper nutrition and filtering out the harmful high intensity blue rays from the sun. I have been using blue blocking lenses , dietary changes and proper vitamin therapy for over 20 years with my macular degenerative patients. I have seen many  patients stabilize and many actually improve when they follow these specific guidelines.   Doctors now have a new lens technology called blutech that they can prescribe for their patients that will filter the blue light  in their every day clear pair of glasses and these patients wont have to wear the orange blue blocking lenses  they have worn in the past that distorted colors.  Dr. Michael Lange  will recommend that all macular degeneration patients wear the blutech clear lens in their daily glasses and the blutech sunglass lens when in direct sunlight.  He also recommends macular degeneration patients  take Fortifeye Complete Macular Defense combined with Fortifeye Focus.  These two supplements  give the body and the eyes specific studied nutrients that may help to slow down the progressive degenerative effects of macular degeneration.  Dr. Michael Lange states it is this combination of blue filtering lenses, and proper nutrition that can make a difference in ARMD patients. This is far from a cure for ARMD but  we are at least making positive progress!   Macular degeneration patients need to see their optometrist or ophthalmologist routinely, wear blutech lenses or blue blocking lenses and take the proper supplements like Fortifeye Complete Macular Defense / Fortifeye Focus or something similar.  Talk with your eye care provider about Fortifeye Vitamins or go to  call 866 503 9746

Come to any Lange Eye Care location for a complete retinal evaluation and a pro active plan to help slow down macular degeneration!

Michael Lange Optometrist discusses diet with patients.

Michael Lange Optometrist discusses diet with patients..

via Michael Lange Optometrist discusses diet with patients..